How to sew the Bonnie dress?

An ultra elegant dress, with a unique style, and easy to sew... That's the promise of the Bonnie cape dress pattern. This pretty sewing pattern is aimed at both beginners and more seasoned sewers.

This beautiful dress is good for soft fabrics, with a nice drape. And for an impeccable result I recommend that you avoid polyester fabrics which do not crease well with the iron. In this sewing step-by-step, I used our Cobalt Blue viscose twill, perfect for sewing a Bonnie dress.

The technical points that we will cover in this sewing tutorial are:

  • Sew a chest dart
  • Clean assembly on the armholes of the dress
  • Making hems on the curves of the cape
  • Assemble the cape and the dress by the neckline
  • Sew an invisible hem by hand

Happy sewing!


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