Have you fallen in love with one of our sewing patterns but are worried that it's too technical? Do you dream of sewing your first garment, but don't know where to start? Are you afraid of sewing knitwear?

At Maison Fauve, we want your sewing time to be fun, and your creativity not to be held back by difficulties. So we offer you different sections adapted to your sewing needs, whether you are a novice or an expert!

Video tutorials and step-by-step photos detail the complete assembly range of our sewing patterns, because sometimes it's easier to understand in pictures ;)

The sewing secrets are short videos, focusing on a particular technique, because it's often just a step that is holding you back. They will be useful for all your sewing needs. And we will also present simple pattern making explanations to help you adapt your patterns.

These different sections will be completed as new patterns are released, by taking up older patterns, but also by integrating new tips. It is not intended to replace sewing or pattern making courses, but we hope that you will find solutions to your most frequent problems in these contents, or that you will discover little tricks for even more pleasant sewing moments.

It's over to you!

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