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    Automatically, the "Thank you for your order" page will be displayed, you can click on "Access Digital Content" to retrieve your patterns.

    The links can be used 6 times. We strongly advise you to save your files on your computer to keep them indefinitely!


    Our PDF patterns are available in 3 formats:

    • A0: this is a large format, not compatible with home printers. You must go to a printer to have it printed.
    • US letter: the standard format for printers in North America.
    • A4: the classic format in the Uk and France. It is this format that you must use to print with your home printer.


    To print your pattern, click on the printer-shaped icon (    ) or via the File > Print menu. In the window that opens, check the following options:

    • In the “Pages to print” section: All
    • In the “Page sizing and management” section: Actual size

    These settings allow you to print only the first page. Now check the test square by checking that it measures the size indicated.

    Do your impressions seem off? 

    For the printing to be done as well as possible, be sure the paper is firmly inserted into the printer so that during the paper feeding, the printing is well aligned.

    Print the pattern only in your size

    The PDF catalog has evolved: all our patterns now have layers by size.

    To print the pattern layer corresponding to your size, you must first download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software on your computer.

    Open the PDF file you want to print with Adobe Acrobat Reader:

    Click on the “Layer” tab symbolized by the following icon:

    You will then see all the layers available in your file. By default, all sizes are displayed on your pattern

    To display only the desired size, uncheck all the other sizes by clicking on the icon (  )

    For example here, on the PDF pattern for the Hussard pants, you want to print size 12 (Fr 40). You therefore have to unchecked all these sizes: 6 (34), 8 (36), 10 (38), 14 (42), 16 (44), 18 (46), 20 (48), 22 (50), 24 (52), in order to keep only lines of size 8 (40). You get this result:

    Be sure to leave the following layers visible:

    • The layer called "Pages" which allows you to have the page numbers on each sheet
    • The layer called "Texts and PDF" which corresponds to both the texts of the pattern pieces, the grainline indications and similar pieces for all sizes
    • The layer called "General instructions", which is the text visible on the page 1 and which includes the test square in particular


      It is normal for there to be white "margins" on your print. They must be kept. It is important to tape your sheets edge to edge. The assembly of the pattern is done from left to right. Some PDF patterns include an assembly plan to guide you. You can, if you wish, extend your lines by hand.

      Cut out

        Check your size using the size chart and cut according to the dotted lines of your size. If you want to keep all your sizes, we recommend tracing the pattern.


          And there you go! All you have to do is transfer your pattern onto your fabric and sew. To obtain the best results, make a quick toile (mock up) that will confirm the size, and allow you to adjust the pattern perfectly to your body shape.


          I am a bit confused. are you located in Frances or the UK.
          Do you ship your paper patterns to Canada? Yesterday I though I found shipping information on this site but cannot find it today.

          Thank you
          Barbara Fousek

          Barbara Fousek 23 May 2024

          Where is the size chart for your patterns, specifically the Le Gilet Pompon? Many thanks x

          Lorraine Nichols 23 May 2024

          Thank you this top is lovely

          Susan Onions 23 May 2024

          Looking forward this free pattern thankyou

          Wendy Horrex 23 May 2024

          Thank you

          Cheryl Plant 23 May 2024

          Thanks for the lovely FREE pattern, first time at printing off PDF and your instructions are very clear, given me confidence to do it again, very much looking forward to making my Tilda Blouse 🙏 ☺️

          Linda Kelly 17 October 2023

          Im interested
          To have a free hat patterns

          Perla Manimtin 23 May 2024

          Looks beautiful

          Jacqueline Glennie 17 October 2023


          Mys green 18 August 2023

          thanks for your clear instructions and lovely free pattern

          Margaret Bolton 28 April 2023

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