Sewing pattern tutorial: How to make the Chelsea blouse?

Here is a pattern that has the discreet charm of those who move slowly and hide their game well... The Chelsea pattern is an adorable blouse pattern with the usual Fauve details that make all the difference: a set of stitched pleats on the head of the sleeve and pleated work details on the front bust. Its length allows it to be tucked into trousers and its slightly curved line is flattering and comfortable.

In order to make this pattern accessible to different levels of sewing, you have the choice of making it with or without the pleats on the front bust. You can also choose to make a button cuff opening or a simple band cuff.

I chose to use the midnight blue Lemon viscose twill fabric and to make the button cuffs with matching midnight blue glitter buttons (because in life you need a bit of sparkle right ;)).

Happy sewing the beautiful Chelsea, in a graphic print or plain, I'm sure she will seduce you!

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