The Metropolis jacket: 3 tutorials just for you!

Metropolis is not only a little gem of a sewing box, with its high quality materials and its tightly cut jacket pattern, but this wonderful box jacket is also a sewing pattern that is much less complicated than it seems.

A video tutorial for a fun moment of sewing

This first sewing video tutorial details step-by-step the sewing steps of your garment. The version described in this video is the Metropolis jacket with the bands that embellish the busts. For a more streamlined version without bands, you can use this video to follow the steps of this second version.

The technical points are:

  • The assembly of the bust bands
  • The front pocket
  • The assembly of the lining/garment

    There is no major technical difficulty and without being a beginner sewing pattern, Metropolis requires above all precision.

    Sew Metropolis without lining

    A 5 minute mini tutorial that allows you to sew Metropolis without lining.

    Technical points:

    • The laying of the bias
    • The finishing of the bottom 

    Detailed adjustments for a custom-made garment

    A second video tutorial will walk you through two different ways to adjust your Metropolis jacket: 

    The technical points:

    • The adjustment of the height of the bust and arms of your pattern
    • The chest adjustment that describes the transformation on the princess cut of the Metropolis pattern

      The toile step will be essential to validate your modifications before sewing your wonderful Virgin Wool fabric.

      These descriptions are based on the explanations that we offer in the free guide to custom sewing, I recommend (if not already done hihihi) to download this document for free, it will be a perfect complement to the video and will also serve you in many other adjustments of your clothes Maison Fauve.

      Happy sewing!

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