Tutorial Sewing Pattern: The Pompon Waistcoat

The sewing pattern for the Pompon waistcoat has it all:

  • Its cut is perfect, cinched by waist darts

  • The length, neckline and armhole layout have been designed to allow you to wear your Pompon waistcoat by itself  as well as over a t-shirt, shirt or tank top
  • The finishes are impeccable: Pompon is fully lined, with a low hem and facing, for a garment that is as beautiful inside as it is outside
  • The Pompon waistcoat is embellished with two false welted pockets in the front and a tightening tab in the back, for a couture look
  • Requires little fabric, this lovely sewing project will allow you to use your small off cuts (it consumes 1 m of fabric in the largest size)

This is a project aimed at intermediate level seamstresses, the technical points are:

  • Sewing hollowed out waist darts

  • Sewing fake welt pockets
  • Assemble a lining with an inlay facing (i.e. with opposite rounded areas)
  • Assemble a lining with a sleeveless garment
  • Sew a hem at the bottom of a garment
  • Sew back tabs and attach a double tightening ring

Would you like to sew Pompon but you don't know all the sewing techniques described, don't panic!

Each step of assembling your waistcoat is detailed in this step-by-step video, in addition to the illustrated brochure available with your PDF files. We recommend that you make a toile in order to discover the assembly, test new techniques, and validate the fit of your garment. The front pockets are not necessary for the construction of the waistcoat, therefore you do not need to sew them and thus reduce the technical level of your pattern.

Happy sewing!


Is it possible to get the Pompon Waistcoat pattern in the US?

Ann 23 May 2024

It would be helpful to have a layout suggestion for the pattern pieces.

Gail Brooke 23 May 2024

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