Blue Hour

Klein, sky, indigo, deep, denim, pastel, blue is a color whose evocation refers to many universes and multiple symbols. Our spring/summer collection is called La Piscine, so it's impossible not to see the link between the water of the swimming pool and the infinite azure of the sea and the sky on a hot summer day.

Blue by Maison Fauve

We offer a range of fabrics ranging from Macadam denim, to the soft blue of our blue Twist jacquard. And this season we have chosen to dress our collection with two very strong and extremely different shades of blue: Cobalt blue and Lagoon blue. Available in plain fabrics, prints and in a whole range of matching buttons, we have chosen to illustrate summer in these two shades, which you will see go with everything (and even with each other!) for sewing projects as elegant as they are summery.

Blue Cobalt


Our Cobalt is a deep blue, lightly infused with purple and dark green. It brings to mind the pure pigment of Yves Klein's works, lapis lazuli. It is also the frank blue of the Cyclades, the radiant blue of the Majorelle garden. We have it in plain as well as on our new leopard print, where it brings a vibrant note to the beige and black tones.

Blue Lagon


Le bleu lagon by Maison Fauve a blue infused with yellow, a joyful turquoise that propels us directly onto a white sand beach, it calls the caress of the sun. This resolutely summery color is magnificent plain, and as original as it is, easy to adapt to our sand print Leo pattern.

What colours are associated with blue?

These two shades of blue may have character, but they willingly share the stage with other equally strong colors, for hand-sewn outfits that will not lack allure. The color block remains a safe bet, and the following associations play with fashion trends. There is only one rule: have fun marrying your favorite makes, because we sewers have all the freedoms!

Bleu Cobalt and Jaune Fizz

Like the sun shining in a flawless sky, our peppy lemon yellow jostles the blue and brings it to light.

Bleu Lagon and Ultra Violet

Violet and Lagon, here are two colors that taken individually already require caution ;) But combining them will work wonders, and I had fun with it in our Mini Lemon print (unfortunately sold out). Mixing these solid colors brings a rather seductive disco/chic note, and pretty golden details (button, jewellery, belt, sandals) will be the finishing touch that hits the mark!

Lagon, Very Vert and Cobalt

Place your bets, nothing matches… This time it's three colors colliding! But impossible not to try this "almost" monochrome look, because each tone slides smoothly towards the other. It is on this last note that I leave you, and I hope you enjoyed this review of blue in all these moods :)


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