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Each collection is an opportunity for me to explore a new universe, in order to define what will be the wardrobe of the season. This summer's Femme Fauve wardrobe is joyful, colourful, both elegant and a bit quirky, and I wanted to concentrate this playfulness around a popular theme: La Piscine (The Swimming Pool). A real swimming pool, with diving boards, swimming lines, slides. And we were lucky to be welcomed at La Grande Motte Swimming Pool, the perfect setting for this shoot.

It amused me to search through retro iconography that was a bit pin-up, a bit femme fatale. This Epinal image (a print on popular French scenes rendered in bright sharp colours) of the 1950s of bathers is accompanied by a very particular colorimetry. This interplay of colors and shots was marvelously executed by our photographer Charlène Pélut.

This desire for full color was confirmed during my research by immersing myself in the paintings of David Hockney, who painted many views of swimming pools: bright yellow, intense blue, pink... My palette was created around these direct and summery tones: cobalt blue, fizz yellow and turquoise blue have joined ultra violet, shocking pink and very green.

I discuss with you in this new podcast episode the inspirations around this summer wardrobe, the women who embody this summer look at Maison Fauve. I'll describe how the range of colors go together, and I'll show you in more detail the sewing patterns and fabrics that make up the La Piscine wardrobe. Each design has certain features that I will show to you, as well as the choices of fabrics selected for each pattern. New fabrics have also joined the collection in a range of materials such as cotton satin, cotton gabardine, and a new reference of pastel cotton jacquards accentuated with beautiful lurex thread.

Enjoy the podcast!

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