The Top Version of the Haut Vol Dress is available!


Here's a hack that's coming sooner than I expected, but you've been asking us for it a lot... And I like to please you ;)

The Haut Vol dress... How about a little something extra?

When our new La Piscine collection was launched, you fell in love with the Haut Vol dress pattern, and one of the reasons you like this beautiful model so much, is partly thanks to its pretty opening that reveals the neckline. The idea of ​​wearing this wonderful dress seduces you, and you also want to be able to vary the pleasures and see the pattern adapted into a small summer top... Say no more... we have prepared a step-by-step video for you. I took my prettiest off cut of Léo Jaune Fizz, my pattern, and c'est parti!

The Sewing Pattern Transformation: A Super Easy Hack

This video tutorial (available here) will explain how to modify the front and back busts of the sewing pattern, in order to obtain the pieces needed to make the top version. I lengthened the garment by 13 cm, which seems perfect to wear my little summer top both inside and out of my trousers (or nice shorts hihihi).

Fabric for a width of 140 cm:

To sew your Haut Vol top, you will need the following quantities of fabric:
- 90 cm from UK size 6 to 10 (34-38)
- 110 cm from UK size 12 to 14 (40-42) 
- 120 cm from UK size 16 to 18 (44-46) 
- 130 cm from UK size 20 to 24 (48-52)

Cutting plans

Size 6 to 10

Size 12 to 14

Size 16 to 24

 And that's not all, we also cover all the assembly of the dress in the video, so you don't have to navigate between the dress tutorial and this one. It is therefore a sewing hack accessible even to beginner sewers.

So... this  is the Haut Vol top, Thank you


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