The TRANSAT DRESS Sewing Box is available!

Each new sewing box offers a playground that I find really exciting. The Palma sewing box was an opportunity to present our very first fabric capsule to you, The Mia sewing box offered you a pattern that has become one of our signature models, The Métropolis box was in my eyes a real challenge both in terms of creative research around the pattern then by the desire to offer you a garment sewn in exceptional materials.

The bar was therefore high when I worked on this new sewing box. I tried to provide an accessible sewing pattern, perfect for entering the beautiful season, which is full of pretty details and a fabric that I love and that you also really liked: the Léo viscose jacquard.


The Transat dress joins the La Piscine collection, and completes the Maison Fauve wardrobe by bringing the right nonchalance to this collection that I wanted to be light, feminine and easy to appropriate. The image I had in mind was the Italian heroines: Monica Vitti, Sophia Loren, Virna Lisi, Claudia Cardinale, voluptuous, proud women whose gaze electrifies you. The chest is magnified, the waist marked, maybe a glimpse of a leg. There is movement, the body is not cramped, the pace is free. I wanted women who wear Transat to feel beautiful, unstoppable... Incendiary!

The Transat dress sewing pattern

It's almost more complicated to create an easy sewing pattern than a very technical piece. Indeed, it is in the details that we give this garment its unique individuality. The Transat dress hides under its apparent "simplicity of line" what makes it unique:

- Its straight cut, barely fitted, is enhanced with wide belts to emphasise the waist

- A set of pleats that gives ease to the chest, embellishes the shoulder line, and gives freedom to play with the fabric

- A front and back neckline whose cut allows for a bra to be worn (and the sewing pattern includes a concealed strap fastener)

- The front of the dress is underlined by a split which brings more comfort and breathes huge amounts of femininity

The new Maison Fauve sewing box

To accompany this beautiful pattern, I chose our Léo viscose jacquard, in 2 new colors: Vert Scarabée (beetle green) and Rose Pepper (pepper pink). This fabric has a soft and beautiful drape, it's a little heavy, and above all the satin leopard pattern of the weave gives it a crazy charm. The Transat dress takes on a new dimension with this fabric giving it a hint of sophistication without taking anything away from the comfort and simplicity of the model.

Your sewing box includes everything you need to sew the Transat dress:
- The appropriate measure of fabric in Vert Scarabée or Rose Pepper
- The Transat paper pattern (an A0 plan of the pattern whose pieces do not overlap, the seam allowances are included, and comes with an assembly booklet in English and illustrated with diagrams )
- All the necessary notions: the sewing thread to match your fabric Vert Scarabée or Rose Pepper, a box of Microtex needles, suitable iron-on, a pretty Femme Fauve label, and the 2 small press studs for the strap fasteners.

And of course, the pattern has a free step-by-step video tutorial to guide you through each step of the sewing process. Like all our videos, this sewing tutorial can be viewed whether or not you have purchased the pattern, so you can assess the various technical points covered if necessary (ideal for beginner sewers who need reassurance before starting). The tutorial is in French with English subtitles provided when selected. 

I hope you enjoy the discovery of Transat, and I look forward to seeing you carried away by the Dolce Vita!

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