The podcast of the Transat Dress Sewing Box is live!


Let's go for a brand new episode of the couture podcast dedicated to our new products: the Transat Sewing Box and more details on the pattern of our gorgeous dress, and a detailed review of the 2 new Léo viscose jacquards and the beautiful matching buttons.

The Transat dress pattern 

This wonderful Transat dress has many well thought out details under its apparent simplicity. The purpose being to make the garment accessible to beginner sewers, yet there is a fair balance in the technical points. And for the more advanced sewers, it's always nice to have the opportunity to make a quick sew with a wow effect!

In the video I show you all the details, and I come back to the questions you asked me on Instagram, especially about the neckline. I also show you the dress worn, and how I tie the belts.

The inspirations for the Transat Dress  

I had already mentioned it in the article in the Journal devoted to the box, my muses are the beautiful Italian actresses of the 50s and 60s, whose ardor and highly feminine allure is not bothered with artifice. I'm talking to you about all this, and how I imagine that the Fauve Woman recognises herself in this timeless look.

The New Fabrics 

I am going to introduce you to our two new viscose jacquards, explain the characteristics of these fabrics, and show you in more detail the fantastic matching buttons in the colors Rose Pepper and Vert Scarabée. Our fabrics are of course sold individually, and you will thus have all the haberdashery and notions supplies to sew these wonders!

Between You and Me 

Each new launch for me is a mixture of excitement (youhouuuu so eager for the sewists to discover our new nuggets), apprehension (ahhhhh are they going to like it????) and the team's attempt to reason with me ( you've done your best, we've all worked really well, we're super ready;))… And when you show so much enthusiasm, it's really happiness and euphoria in the workshop! So, thank you for your kind comments, knowing that you are dressed in your Maison Fauve creations is an immense pride.

I wish you a great discovery of this new episode!

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