Tenniscore: 5 looks you can sew to adopt this summer’s trend!

The tenniscore trend has more to do with aesthetics than actual sporting inspiration, and focuses less on technical apparel and more on style.

Following in the footsteps of the “quiet luxury” trend, which promotes a style that is both discreet and luxurious, and the “old money” trend, which draws its inspiration from the wardrobe of students from well-to-do families, outfits inspired by the world of tennis (but also by golf and the equestrian world) aim to take on the codes of these sports, which are associated with high society.

But fashion is no longer afraid to move away from this preppy image: Lacoste has shifted its collections to more colourful styles with reworked shapes, the Casablanca brand has taken a kitsch and refreshing take on the iconic clubhouse, and for several seasons now Miu Miu has been featuring pleated skirts (very, very short), little polo shirts and loose jackets in the brand’s signature style.

So when my photographer Charlène Pélut asked me if I’d be up for lending Maison Fauve clothes and posing for the shoot she was organising for the spirit brand Maison Cornut, the images of which were built around the tenniscore trend, I jumped at the chance!

Rolland Garros has just finished, the Olympics are coming up, and the divine Zendaya is starring in the film Challengers, set in the world of tennis, and has treated us to some outfits that are as inspiring as they are extravagant...

Game, set and match, join me in the Maison Fauve wardrobe revisited by Charlène!

When you say tennis outfit, you say Malibu polo shirt ;)

With its tart stripes and lovely shortened cut, the Malibu tennis polo shirt and Berlingot fabrics are the absolute hit of this session. And the outpouring of tennis-inspired images this year has confirmed that I was bang on the money when I launched our new sewing box!

Ingrid, the co-founder of Maison Cornut, had planned pleated lycra skirts and accessories to complete our look. So, while our credibility may be in doubt, we’re definitely looking a lot more fun than our neighbours on the court ;)

Malibu Polo Shirt in Berlingot Yellow Fizz Polyviscose Fabric

Malibu Polo Shirt in Berlingot Mint Polyviscose Fabric

A line judge with an assumed elegance

In a Smoky Blue Mimosa jacket and Malibu Encre polo shirt, Ingrid is just perfect. This outfit is elegant, with a twist that means she doesn’t take herself too seriously. The soft blue and navy work very well together, with the white stripes bringing the two together.

Malibu Polo Shirt in Berlingot Ink Blue Polyviscose Fabric

Between sherbet tones and neon yellow, I’m the most tangy player in the tournament!

The Malibu sewing pattern works perfectly with our Sorbet striped cotton voile. As soft as a souffle, super comfortable, it adds a touch of retro-chic that’s totally in tune with the mood. With my Sulphur Yellow lamé fabric swim shorts, I’m navigating between the softness of pastel colours and the vivacity of the bright yellow that’s so dear to me this season.

Malibu Polo Shirt and Grand Bain Shorts

Yellow Sulfure Lyocell Lamé Twill

Sorbet Embroidered Viscose Voile Fabric

A total Mint look for the stands

Monchrome and a mix of materials, I love this outfit, which I presented to you at the launch of the Diabolo Fauve capsule: the matching Dandelion jacket and Grand Bain shorts in Mint lamé, and the Malibu polo to complete the ensemble. I’m not sure I’ll last a game, but I’m sure I’ll be ready to cheer on the players!

Dandelion jacket/Grand Bain shorts in Mint lamé and Malibu Polo Shirt in Berlingot Mint Polyviscose Fabric

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