Daring Bermuda shorts, I’m sewing my summer suit!

If there’s one divisive trend, it’s this one: are you for or against Bermuda shorts?!

Initially associated with men’s wardrobes, Bermuda shorts have been making a big comeback over the last few seasons, and the idea of giving them a go has been playing on my mind.

I like Bermuda shorts that are straight and slightly baggy, with a pronounced waist and the option of wearing them with a belt. So I decided to start with a pattern that’s easy to hack and looks great: the Brooklyn trousers.


A blazer and Bermuda short suit in threadbare woollen fabric

A hack for Brooklyn in a Bermuda short version

With beautiful pleats and a palazzo cut, the Brooklyn trouser is perfect to transform into a pair of Bermuda shorts. Modifying the pattern is very easy: I shortened it so that the leg length was 35.5 cm (I’m 1m 63 and I wanted the length just below the knee). I then gave the side line a bit more ease. Everything is outlined in the step-by-step video.

The matching blazer for a modern hand-sewn suit

Our wool suit is of magnificent quality: 100% merino wool, woven in England, it is very supple and soft. The fall of the fabric is perfect for the Brooklyn pattern, with its wide leg and pretty pleats.

In order to sew a less conventional suit, and to go through with my idea, I’ve paired it with a jacket thanks to the Mimosa sewing pattern: with its beautiful marked shoulders and straight cut, the masculine-feminine look has totally been adopted in this Bermuda shorts/blazer combo. In black wool, it’s also a jacket that I’m going to wear a lot on its own as well as with this outfit.

As the threadbare tailoring fabric we suggest is very supple, I decided to fuse the front and small side of the jacket with Vlieseline G785 interfacing (in addition to all the pieces already indicated as to be fused with G700 in the pattern) to give it a little more hold but without altering the suppleness of the fabric. I also explain this step in the Brooklyn hack video.

To dress up my blazer, I chose the Poppy grèges buttons, which contrast with the deep black of the wool and echo the Bronze de Mimosa lining.

The result really lived up to my expectations: the suppleness of the tailored wool, the cut of the jacket, the choice of Bermuda shorts - the whole look is so modern!

How to wear Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are a bold piece, and I’ve decided not to go half-hearted in the looks on offer. Boldness is part of the game, but it’s also a way of exploring the look around my new summer outfit.

Edgy-romantic look

A touch of lace always softens the silhouette. And it’s a fabric that goes very well with loose-fitting patterns. For this summer, and for this outfit, I couldn’t resist sewing a little top in the scarab-green acanthus lace: it’s a very elegant fabric with its deep green highlights, and it goes wonderfully with our new Spritz tank top pattern. The pattern has beautiful finishes (bias, French seam) so it’s perfect for sewing with lace and openwork fabrics. I played with the scalloped edge of the lace for the bottom of my top, so chic!

And to add a slightly offbeat touch to the outfit, I wore sandals with chunky soles and straps, and big black lace socks that I pulled over the ankle. I had in mind the slightly gothic/romantic/underground looks of Japanese women. With the suit/bermuda shorts, the result is stunning!

The look

The Spritz tank top and the Acanthus lace

Preppy-chic look

Second look, a very different vibe. This time I’m wearing my beautiful Malibu polo shirt in a crochet knit, with a black placket and collar. The polo shirt is more of a sporty item of clothing (well, more like you’re hanging out at the clubhouse sporty than active sporty, hihihi) and it adds a touch of elegant casualness to the outfit. With beautiful heeled sandals, and little jewel-like buttons, it’s a look I’m particularly fond of, and one I repeat every season for Maison Fauve: a mix of casual and formal, feminine without overdoing it, with pretty accessories.

The look

The Malibu polo, the cotton crochet and the Black Wink buttons

Whether you love it or hate it, I’ve chosen my side. And I can guarantee that you’ll be seeing my brand new project again in summer and winter (I can’t wait to try it out with my big black heeled boots, a little neo-bourgeois prospective inspiration à la Céline ;) ).

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