The Brooklyn Hack: Turn Your Trousers into Bermuda Shorts

When our beloved palazzo trouser pattern decides to move into summer time, I decided to explore a new silhouette... I dared to try Brooklyn as Bermuda shorts!

Ultra-easy to hack, the Brooklyn sewing pattern has a cut that lends itself well to the challenge: the leg is wide, the waist and hips pronounced.

To match my soon-to-be Brooklyn Bermuda shorts, I chose to sew the Mimosa blazer pattern in the matching fabric. 

The Maison Fauve wool tailoring fabric

This is a little marvel, 100% merino wool, woven in England. It’s soft, light and very supple. To sew my blazer, I interfaced the 1. front and 2. side pieces entirely in Vlieseline G785, plus added strips of Vlieseline G700 in the seam allowance area (as I recommend in the Mimosa pattern booklet).

This way, the jacket retains its suppleness but has just the right amount of hold.

The hack's tutorial video

In this video, I explain how to shorten your pattern:

  • How to redraw the side line whilst giving a little ease. I’ve chosen an inside leg length of 35.5cm finished (I also add 4cm for a neat hem)

  • I flare the bottom of my Bermuda shorts by 1cm on the side and pick the line back up on the C mark opposite the pocket. The leg will be straighter and slightly more flared than on the original Brooklyn trousers.

  • You can of course adapt these measurements to suit your look, especially the length of the Bermuda shorts.

  • The final fabric consumption can be reduced by 40 cm based on an equivalent length.

All the sewing steps for the patterns can be found:

Happy sewing!

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