The Soleil Blanc Capsule Collection is here!

The raking sunbeams play on the dunes, the tones become muffled to reveal touches of dazzling colors. The lines are graphic, the patterns alternate between brushstrokes. Discover Soleil Blanc, the capsule collection of fabrics and buttons by Maison Fauve.

The New Jacquards 

Our two new jacquard fabrics woven in France are highlighted by their bright and summery colors, on an ecru background which softens and highlights the pretty patterns. As beautiful on the wrong side as on the right side, you can sew them without adding a lining. These high quality fabrics will give your creations a unique look, for exceptional hand-sewn garments.

The Loop Cotton Jacquard 

The Loop jacquard has a slightly embossed surface (due to its very fine quilting) and its arabesque embroidery recalls corals, wooden lattice, abstract and ornate flowers. Sewn as a Metropolis jacket duo with the Grand Bain shorts (I recommend that you sew the shorts with a classic zip and not an invisible zip which risks being more complicated to handle and weakened by the thicknesses of the fabric), it looks insanely chic!

The Swoop Cotton Jacquard

A perfect link between La Piscine and Soleil Blanc, the Swoop jacquard navigates between coral and azure blue. The weaving pattern gives it a particular air, and it is very lightly quilted. Sewn in a Pilar jacket and a Nage Libre jacket, it is very comfortable to wear.

The Viscose Poplins 

Our Léo and Mini Lemon viscose poplins are back in new colors as well as in a brand new Wave Art Deco print. Still just as soft and pleasant to wear, this fabric is supple and light, perfect for sewing dresses like the Haut Vol dress or the Paola dress, tops like the Salto top, and blouses.

 The Léo Print

Our beautiful leopard pattern goes back to basics, in sand and black tones, illuminated by the cobalt blue heart of its pattern. The size of the patterns is the same as for the lovely Léo Bleu Lagon and Léo Jaune Fizz poplins.

The Mini Lemon Print 

Our pretty Mini Lemon graphic lemons adopt the soft and luminous tones of the Soleil Blanc capsule, and they have a wonderful charm! The beige, white and black trio is timeless and very elegant.

The Vague Art Déco Pattern 

The new fabric with the Art Deco Wave pattern brings softness, its geometric curves are like the waves that the wind draws on the dunes. It is also adorned  with the muted colors of Soleil Blanc, for makes with an air of nuance and sophistication.

The New Buttons 

The Poppy Buttons 

The pale gold arabesques, delicate like poppy petals, intertwine on a coral or white enamel background. Available in two diameters, they will be as beautiful on a jacket as on a blouse. They will be the refined finishing touch of your creations.

The Maison Fauve Jeans Buttons 

We are so happy to add these magnificent buttons that signify the wardrobe of the Femme Fauve. Available in silver, bronze and copper, they are embellished with the design of our Œil Fauve. They will be perfect for a jacket, jeans or trousers. To make placing our buttons easier, we recommend that you use Prym pliers and installation tools, and we describe the procedure in a short video to be found here, as well as directly in the button product sheet.

I wish you a great discovery of the Soleil Blanc capsule collection, and I'll see you very soon for a new sewing podcast episode where I will present to you in more detail my inspirations as well as the fabrics and buttons.

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