How to set a jeans rivet with Prym Vario pliers?

As the Maison Fauve jeans buttons are riveted. I will explain to you in this video tutorial how to install them without any problem with pliers and the Vario installation tools from Prym.

The rivet of our buttons is not of the same diameter as the buttons of the Prym brand, it will therefore be necessary to proceed as follows:

• Make a small pre-hole on your fabric at the button mark using a seam ripper, for example (be careful not to cut your fabric too much)
• Put the installation tools (the white cups) on your pliers
• Put the button in the setting tool: it will clip and stay in place
• Insert your rivet by hand into the small hole you made in your fabric, let the point of the nail stick out
• Position the pliers next to the rivet, and gently start pressing, checking that the tip of the nail is in front of the cup on the back of your button
• Pinch firmly

Congratulations, your button is installed, unclip it from the tool, and go to the next one;)

Watch each step in detail in this video:

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