Sewing pattern tutorial: the Bellini blouse

You want to sew your first blouse without difficulty, so follow me in the step-by-step of the Bellini sewing pattern!

This beautiful pattern will be perfect for learning to sew a blouse or button-down top easily: it does not have a collar, sewing the cuff opening is made easier by a 2-part sleeve construction (so no tear-proof vent or button placket), the bottom of the garment is straight so you will not have to deal with a rounded hem.

Bellini, with it’s simplicity, has very pretty details for a unique piece: pleat work on the shoulders which will be retold on the back of the garment, facing of the back secured by a yoke assembly, a beautiful open neckline, a supple line, very comfortable to wear outside or tucked into trousers.

You can sew your pattern with many different fabrics depending on the desired finish: sophisticated in Lily viscose jacquard or silk, more casual in cotton or chambray, light as a breath and ultra sparkling in our striped viscose voiles or our printed poplins.

The technical points covered in this free and easy-to-follow sewing tutorial are:

  • Sewing a chest dart

  • Sewing stitched pleats

  • Assemble of a back yoke

  • Sew a sleeve in 2 parts

  • Sew a buttoned cuff

  • Make a button placket (only for the button down version, the blouse version will have the front bust cut x1 at the fold following the center front line indicated on the pattern)

Happy sewing!

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