Sewing Pattern Tutorial: The Dandelion Jacket

The Dandelion jacket is a timeless jacket with a twist with pretty details:

  • The back is supported by 2 pleats for a nice drape

  • A waistband with a back rise influenced by the biker jacket

  • The choice between 3 pocket finishes

  • A pretty collar that hugs the neck

  • A buttoned finish that is less sporty than a zip

  • Perfect volume and length, for comfortable wear without being too casual

This is a pattern that we have classified as intermediate level because it involves different assembly steps which require attention to detail, without necessarily involving complex techniques.

The technical points are as follows and they are fully described in this step-by-step sewing video (which also supports you through each sewing step):

  • Sew pleats

  • Sew each pocket option (welt pocket, false pocket, kangaroo pocket)

  • Sew a simple button placket

  • Fit sleeves

  • Assemble the jacket and the lining (assembly is designed to be simplified)

  • Assemble a collar and the collar basting for a perfect fit

  • Sew a waistband

Happy sewing!


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