Sewing Pattern Tutorial: The Vipère Jumpsuit

Vipère is a pattern that allows you to sew two items of clothing: a very pretty dress and a great jumpsuit. We like the idea of offering you several options with the same pattern, and there are actually two outfits provided to you in a single sewing pattern.

The look of Vipère is slender, it is not a loose jumpsuit, and without being tight-fitting it will follow your silhouette without restricting it. For this pattern, we recommend a fabric with a little elasticity for the jumpsuit version.

The Vipère sewing pattern is classified as advanced level because it includes a particular technical point: the front button placket and the sheath seam of the back riser.

Our step-by-step sewing video will support you at each stage of assembly, for the dress and jumpsuit versions, and the technical points covered will be in particular:

  • Sew a dart
  • Assemble of a sheath
  • Sew an Italian pocket
  • Sew a button placket on a jumpsuit or dress
  • Sew a waistband with neat finishes
  • Raise a wrist
  • Fit sleeves

A jumpsuit may require a few adjustments to be perfectly tailored and fit like a glove: do not hesitate to consult the size selection instructions provided in your brochure. I also recommend that you make a toile and, if necessary, refer to our free guide to custom sewing. In this article we explain how to read a size chart and what a sewing toile is.

Happy sewing!


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