Sewing Pattern Tutorial: The Soliflore Dress

The Soliflore dress is a pattern with a remarkable look, with its high buttoned collar and its soft, belted line. Available as a blouse and a dress, it can be worn with the collar raised and buttoned for a proud pose, or with the collar turned down like a blouse, embellished by the asymmetry of the pattern. We also offer a collarless version, so the neckline is open, while retaining the beauty of the asymmetrical buttoning.

The sewing pattern is classified at advanced sewing level, because it addresses a minute technical point: sewing a button placket in an assembly seam.

I will accompany you to sew the most technically advanced version of Soliflore: the dress with the high collar. We will see together in this easy-to-follow sewing tutorial video the following different technical points:

  • Fit a collar 
  • Sew a button placket that continues through the center front assembly seam
  • Make a split as an extension of a seam (for the dress version)
  • Sew cuffs and sew on sleeves

Happy sewing!


Would needlecord fabric be a good fabric for this dress?

Deirdre 23 May 2024

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