Sewing Pattern Tutorial: The Tigris Coat

The Tigris coat is a beautiful piece, a hand-sewn beauty that you could wear without getting tired of it, a truly timeless piece.

The pattern offers you different versions, in order to follow your desires but also to make it accessible to different sewing levels.

The characteristics of the pattern are:

  • A straight cut, but not oversized, with a bust delicately supported by a dart that starts from the shoulder
  • A high collar, shoulder tabs and loops, to play on the principles of the officer's coat
  • A double breasted design that sits close to the neck and gives a remarkable look to your coat both open and closed
  • Two lengths, above the knee and mid-calf, with a slit finish at the lower back for the long version. The ease of the pattern means that you can, if you wish, not sew the slit.
  • Two sets of pockets: patch pockets accessible to all sewing levels, and welt pockets at chest height which require more sewing experience. You can choose to sew all the pockets or only one of the two pocket finishes

This sewing tutorial video accompanies you step-by-step through each step in the version with the most complex finishes: the long coat with lower back vent, patch pockets and welt pockets.

The technical points which will be addressed in particular are:

  • Sew a dart
  • Sew a welt pocket
  • Fit a collar
  • Placing pockets
  • Assembling a lining and a coat
  • Create a back vent lined at the bottom of a coat

Happy sewing!

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