The Granite sweater: the video tutorial!


Autumn makes me want to curl up in some cosy clothes. So I took the opportunity to sew myself a GRANITE sweater... And turn you a step by step video!

I detail in the intro of the video how to sew Granite even with a sewing machine, how to make a hem with a double needle, how to put the edge of the rib, in short I tell you everything!

My sweater is sewn in a Pretty Mercerie fabric, the colour is very nice and it's very soft but beware it brings a lot of volume: it's great on the sleeves, but the general line of Granite being loose I personally prefer it tucked into my jeans.

I wear my Granite with my Hussard jeans that I never leave ;) and jewel details, because as you know, the sportswear look is not really my thing (you can't see them but I have pretty pink metallic ballerinas on my feet).

Have a good tutorial!

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