The Violette Blouse: the video tutorial!


If there's one pattern who deserves their video tutorial, it's Violette

It is a pattern that was part of my very first collection, almost a symbol and I am very proud to see that this pretty blouse does not go out of fashion: the simplicity of its line, its clean front and the work of the pleat, the buttoned yoke at the back continue to seduce you and its my greatest pleasure! 


I took a lot of pleasure to sew this new version... I was missing a new Violette for my collection ;) For this tutorial, I give to you Violette with a braided gold piping from Pretty Mercerie on the back, and in a nice Anne Kerdilès crepe, whose delicate patterns in shades of blue on a very pale pink background perfectly match the timelessness of the pattern.

This fabric is called "Jardin Anglais", a promise that seduced me because I melt for delicate floral patterns and the softness of the colours. If I had a little lady to dress I would have sewn her a matching pretty Miss Violette :)



The blouse Violette is a very accessible sewing pattern, the technical stitches are sewing the facing, sewing the hollow pleat and mounting the sleeves with absorption of the fullness at the head of the sleeve.

Happy tuto!



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