Belem Trousers/Shorts Paper Sewing Pattern

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Paper Sewing Pattern

The beautiful Belem has it all - the elegance of the high waist, the comfort of the elasticated back, the sophistication of the pleats and belt loops and the elegant and nonchalant look of a wide but tailored cut!

The BELEM pattern is a pants pattern and we detail in the brochure and the video tutorial how to sew the shorts version from the guidelines of your pattern sheet.

The pattern fits normally and has a wide cut. If you are hesitating between 2 sizes, choose the smaller one and rely on the recommendations of the hips measurement as a priority because the elasticated back size allows you more room than indicated.

Sewing level: Advanced



- Fabric for a width of 140cm:
For the pants: 
- 150cm from UK Size 6 to 10 (34 to 38) 
-170cm from 12 to 14 (40 to 42)
- 200cm from 16 to 24 (44 to 52) 
For the short:
- 110cm 6 to 10 (34 to 38)
- 120cm 12 to 14 (40 to 42)
- 130cm 16 to 24 (44 to 52)
And in all sizes add 30 cm more fabric if your fabric has a direction (in this case the pieces are all oriented in the same direction and not spade heads)
- 30cm high x 1m wide lining for pieces 13 and 14
- Iron-on interfacing for parts 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 12 (approx. 50cmx50cm)
- A 20-22 cm fly zip
- Two buttons 12 cm in diameter maximum
- An elastic band 3 to 3,5cm wide, length according to the gradation sizes indicated in the table

Choice of fabrics: linen, slightly thick tencel, thin jeans, viscose twill, chambray, cotton, between 150 and 280 g / m2 to have a supple fall ideal for the pattern


You can find a step by step video of the pattern on Maison Fauve's YouTube channel as well as in the tutorial section of the blog.


Shipping terms and costs are in our FAQ.

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