Seam Tape Iron-on Interfacing 15 mm Vlieseline - By 10cm

£0.10 GBP

Price displayed for 10 cm
Price per meter: £1

To sew Luz, you will need 2m of seam tape iron-on interfacing. For this you need 20 units. Type "20" in the quantity area.

To sew Pénélope, you will need 1m of seam tape iron-on interfacing, so you need 10 units. Type "10" in the quantity area.

This seam tape iron-on backing allows you to fix and reinforce seams such as armholes, shoulders, necklines or buttonholes. It protects against warping and fraying.

The bonding time is 8 seconds. Do not exceed this so as not to burn it.


- Width: 20mm
- Composition: 70% Polyamide / 30% Polyester
- Weight: 43 g/m2
- White colour


Machine wash at 40°C

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