Discover the Fauvae Botanica New Collection: A Try-On Guide

It's a meeting that you like, and I know that it allows you to discover the collection better... The try-on of the worn designs from the new collection is available on our Instagram account (and will be available permanently in a featured stories).

See the try-on guide

A fashion show and more!

Throughout these videos, I present to you the sewing patterns of our new collection, as well as all their variations. The video format is ideal for seeing each garment in movement, we can better understand the look of the patterns: the cut of the neckline and the beautiful cuffs of the Cicadella blouse, the elegance of the collar of the dress and blouse Soliflore, the perfect cut of the Tigris coat, the absolute charm of the Dandelion jacket, the assertive look of the Vipère dress and jumpsuit duo. And above all I emphasise the variations around the patterns: the different options, how to wear each piece, the finishing details... You will know everything!

What about the fabrics?

Of course, the videos will have pride of place with our new fabrics: the Léo Sable Vert Scarabée, Léo Chocolat Sable and Jardin Fauve prints, our magnificent new jacquards, the Italian woolen cloth with its perfect drape, the plain viscose twills (Green Scarabée) and (Cherry Red) and cotton sateens, and last but not least... Our brand new laces with gorgeous design to die for. Our beautiful buttons will also be presented, because what's prettier than a hand-stitched garment where everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail.

To find out more...

These videos are a first step in presenting the new collection. I am also preparing a podcast episode for you to telling the story of this collection and all the inspirations that have been infused in the unique universe of Fauvae Botanica. From Sunday, we will also offer you one Instagram post per day with stories that will focus on pattern by pattern. And of course, all our patterns have a dedicated video tutorial, so the patterns will no hold no secrets from you!

See you soon!

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