A Comprehensive Guide to Zénith PDF Dress/Blouse Sizes

The Zénith dress/blouse is one of the symbolic sewing patterns of the Maison Fauve wardrobe: its set of sunray darts is one of the signatures of our brand. It decorates the front of this pattern and gives it an outstanding look at first glance. It is found on the waist line for the dress version and on the contour of the neckline for the blouse version.

This pattern was released online of summer 2020, and it is part of the Sew Me the Sun collection. At that time, we had not yet systematized the expansion of the size range of our sewing patterns to 52. Season after season, this beautiful dress continues to seduce you, and we are very happy to now be able to offer the pattern in PDF format in a size range from 34 to 52. If you have already purchased Zénith in PDF, your pattern has automatically been updated in your customer area :)

A Zénith in lace, so elegant!

To present this version with an enlarged size range, we have sewn the Zénith dress in our Cinnamon lace. The dress is even more feminine and precious, and the fabric can be ironed without any problem, the Zénith pleats are perfectly highlighted. Our model Vanina wears her dress in size 52 without modification, based on the size chart. We also support you in adjusting patterns thanks to our free guide to tailor-made sewing (currently being updated), with a whole chapter devoted to Zénith chest adjustments (the value of the chest dart being distributed among the multiple sunray darts, we wanted to be able to guide you on this specific adjustment).

How do I line my lace dress?

On this point, we have an already existing solution: the Blush under dress sewing pattern. This clever pattern will allow you to line most of your clothes without having to consider a specific lining pattern. The Blush pattern is available as an under dress and a camisole, it's perfect to accompany Zénith whatever version you choose.

Lace is new at Maison Fauve, and so that you can line it perfectly, we offer you a range of cotton voile fabric in assorted colors. Vanina is wearing a pretty Blush slip dress in Cinnamon cotton voile under her Zénith dress.

Our laces are not stretchy, but the hint of elastane in the composition means that they do not deform over time. The embroidery pattern is really pretty, and it will perfectly highlight your sewing, like our new Cicadella blouse. I'm already imagining sewing a future Zénith blouse in Green Scarabée lace, which I plan to wear without lining it because I find that this lace reveals the skin's nuances.

Enjoy discovering our new autumnal Zénith!


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