Elegant Sewing Project to Inspire You: the Atlas Dress

If I tell you pleated chest front details,  pleats at the wrist, fluid cut with a pretty drape... You tell me: the Atlas pattern!

This pattern has seduced you for several seasons, particularly in the blouse version sewn in our white liquette-style tencel. To revisit this beautiful dress sewing pattern with Fauvae Botanica style, today I offer you a new version of Atlas, shining in our new Cherry Red viscose twill.

Tell me about Atlas

The particularity of Atlas is its pleat work on the front, which is also repeated on the cuffs. There is no real technical difficulty in creating the pleats, but it requires attention to detail to avoid movement. The easy sewing video tutorial from Atlas accompanies you at each stage of assembly and I show you how to make your pleats successfully. Faced with such a spectacular front, the back of Atlas is more refined. It consists of a pleat under the back yoke, the front pleats and the back pleat ensure the comfortable ease of the dress which can also be beautiful worn belted ( giving the dress the appearance of a waist).

The real technical sewing point of the pattern is the assembly of the front buttoned placket, but again don't panic everything is described in the video, and if this is your first button placket of this type I recommend that you practice on scraps of fabric.

Mad love for this fiery red

Our viscose twill (also called serged viscose, is exactly the same material) returns this season in two new color variations: Vert Scarabée and Rouge Cherry. It is a very luminous, bold and intense red. The fabric is supple and very soft, it weighs 200g/m2 and has perfect opacity. You can sew dresses, blouses or even soft pants in this material. It is a fabric that marks well with an iron, you will have no difficulty in correctly defining the characteristic folds of Atlas.

I chose our new matching Wink Mat Rouge Cherry buttons for the front buttoning. The gold detail in the center of the buttons gives them the appearance of little jewels (I love it ;)).


The accessorises with this dress do not go unnoticed, I chose high black embossed leather boots from the Jonak brand. I've had these boots for years and I don't regret my purchase, they give a phenomenal look to all my outfits ;) The silhouette has a little retro side that I like with this type of boot, but it would also work very well with very high boots that will be flush with the bottom of the dress, or even with cowboy boots (the fashion statement of the season). My boots are no longer available but these have the same shape, without the crocodile-style relief.

I could have belted my dress, but I wanted the photos to give you a true impression of the cut of the dress and the drape of the fabric. I don't often wear red, but I admit that since I worked on the Fauvae Botanica collection, including flamboyant hand made pieces in my wardrobe gives me great pleasure!

Beautiful day!


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