The Clair Obscur collection

Beige, black, inky blue and white... After the chromatic bursts of Fauvae Botanica, let yourself be captivated by the nuanced fabrics of our new Clair Obscur capsule. The light plays with the material to reveal the contrast and the textures. Lace, jacquards, wool, twill, the fabrics steal the show, and the weaving is the master.

Our new fabrics navigate between the darkest and lightest tones of the palette to create contrast and enhance the drape, volumes and patterns.

Black is Black

Profond Black is available this season in two new fabrics, which we have sourced from deadstock LVMH group brands.

Precious cashmere

After the softness of our Gris Orage wool drape, we offer you a wool and cashmere blend of exceptional quality. Its perfect fit and drape will enhance your coats and structured jackets. Beautifully thick, warm and very soft, it is the ideal fabric for a Tigris coat, a Tsar coat or a Dandelion jacket. Lined with our satin lining in Dark Olive Green viscose, your hand-sewn make will be as beautiful and precious inside as it is outside.

Surprising viscose


After the success of our virgin wool last winter, we looked for a fabric whose drape would be perfect for jacketstrousers and shorts. Our new heavy viscose twill is supple but with an unexpected density, and its very tight weave gives it a subtle luster for a satin finish.

This viscose fabric is perfect for sewing the Métropolis jacket, the Manhattan jacket or the Vipère jumpsuit (be careful for the latter the fabric has no elasticity, choose the size larger if you are between 2 sizes).

Immaculate beauties

White has no equal when it comes to bringing a touch of elegance to our handmade makes. The crisp white shirt, the immaculate lace blouse, there are clothes that we love to wear season after season.

Lace and cotton voile duo

Our elaborately embroidered lace is the signature of the Fauvae Botanica collection, and this new off-white variation is a return to basics. It will be perfect for sewing the Cicadella blouse, the Soliflore blouse, but also dresses like the Zénith dress, because our lace fabric is accompanied by a white cotton voile for sewing under dresses or linings.

Chevron elegance

Here is a brand new fabric, also sourced from LVMH deadstock: white herringbone viscose jacquard. Its tone-on-tone zig zag weave offers an unexpected effect on the fabric with a luminous satin finish without excessive shine. Medium weight, it has the perfect flexibility for tops and blouses, but also dresses because it is perfectly opaque and has good hold. Made into the Soliflore blouse pattern, you get a unique and very original blouse, as beautiful with a raised collar as with an open, turned-down collar.

The Ink Blue and Sand tones make the patterns vibrate

After the drama of black and white, beige and navy blue accompany our new offer of prints on viscose poplin, as well as the return of Loop jacquard for winter.

Marine arabesques

Loop jacquard, made in France, is one of your favorite jacquard fabrics. For this collection, it abandons it's summery coral tones and reinvents itself in Bleu Encre. Its light quilting effect and elaborate embroidery will be perfect for sewing jackets such as the Dandelion jacket and the Nage Libre short version, but also a Métropolis jacket and Grand Bain shorts set. And if you like sewing accessories, its mainly cotton composition will delight you.

Mysterious Leo

The Léo viscose poplin perfectly plays the Clair Obscur score: its marine eyespots ink the sandy background, for a Skyline blouse of absolute elegance. Our pretty range of Bleu Encre (Ink Blue) buttons combine with this new pattern for shirts and blouses that are perfect down to the smallest detail.

Floral engraving


The black lines accentuate the finesse of the patterns of our Jardin Fauve print. The inspiration from botanical engravings is even more evident on a beige background, and the intertwining of flowers and snakes are dancing on this supple and light material.

The Clair Obscur capsule complements the colorful offerings of the Fauvae Botanica collection, for a coherent wardrobe and handmade pieces that complement each other. Enjoy the collection!



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