The Tigris coat from every angle!

Everything you didn't yet know about the new coat from the Maison Fauve wardrobe!

Coat season is fast approaching, it's time to think about which handmade project to choose, to dress you warmly this autumn-winter. Maison Fauve returns this year with Tigris, an officer's coat with strong character and very modern with its straight cut.

In this article, you will find new information on Tigris: look ideas, a short version of the coat with the adaptation of the tutorial and advice for sewing and maintaining your Maison Fauve wool drape.

Tigris long: a coat to curl up in all winter

 You already know Tigris in the advanced version and presented in the advanced level pattern and tutorial:

  • A straight cut mid-calf length coat 
  • A high straight collar on a signature double breasted design
  • Shoulders highlighted with a buttoned tab
  • Welt pockets at chest height
  • Patch pockets
  • A vent finish at the lower back

The long coat: which body types?

Choosing the right coat is not an easy task, but Tigris has been designed to suit all women. Whether you are tall or short, the long version is clearly made for you if you like long coats. Its straight cut and structured lines slim the silhouette so Tigris will also fit very well if you are curvy.

Pattern Tigris from 34 to 52. Vanina wears Tigris in size 50 and measures 1m70. Guide to finished garment sizes and measurements to be found on the product sheet.

There’s a Tigris coat for every style

Casual Tigris 

A long Tigris in Orage wool drape fabric with jeans or cargo trousers, a blouse and a pair of brogues:

Amanda wears Tigris in size 36 and is 1m63 tall. On the left: the Cicadella blouse in Rouge Cherry lace and the Tremplin trousers in Sable cotton sateen. On the right: the Soliflore blouse in Léo Sable Chocolat.

Look classy for the office

A Tigris in Noir Profond wool drape fabric gives a fantastic look to this high-waisted and belted flared trouser set over a blouse with jeweled heels or a pair of heeled ankle boots.

 Emilie wears Tigris in size 36 and measures 1m63. She is wearing the Skyline shirt in Léo Sable Encre and gold glitter edged buttons in Encre and the Brooklyn trousers in Sable cotton sateen.

Because of its ease, the Tigris coat can be worn over other clothes in layering mode: a basic white top, a Manhattan blazer and Brooklyn trousers set, toasty under a Tigris coat.

Discover Tigris in short version

But Tigris hasn't said its last word yet! The coat presents a more accessible version, which we have not yet revealed to you in images ;) This version keeps the same remarkable details (collar, line, buttoned tabs) but on a shorter length (above the knee) and without piped pockets and lined vent in the back. An intermediate sewing project, which can be a very nice first coat to sew to improve your skills!

    The short coat: for which body types?

    The short coat will go particularly well on medium and petite frames. Its straight cut accentuates verticality and is very advantageous on curves.

    There’s a Tigris coat for every style

    Short Tigris has the advantage of being more adaptable and neutral than the long coat so it can be worn in all situations.

    You can choose Tigris to complete a feminine and comfortable outfit like a little dress and chunky boots. Its very structured effect will also fit very well for a work look ;)

    Christine wears Tigris in size 40 and is 1m68 tall. She is wearing the Soliflore dress in Léo Sable Vert Scarabée and matching Wink Matte buttons.

    If you like this version and want to get started watch the Tigris video tutorial. It's a one-hour explanatory video, covering all the sewing steps and technical points from the long version. To adapt the tutorial and make the short version, all you need to do is:

    • Order the pattern, supplies and length of short coat version fabric corresponding to your size
    • Cut out the short coat pattern pieces. The 2 variants can be cut from the same pattern sheet.
    • Follow the steps in the tutorial, passing the steps for the welt pockets and the back vent. The only technical points to master are: sewing a dart, fitting a collar, attaching pockets and assembling the lining and everything is explained in the video :)

    Sew my Tigris coat

    You can choose from our two wool drapes to sew your beautiful coat: a Orage Gris for a timeless casual style and a Noir Profond for a more sophisticated look.

    Gris Orage or Noir Profond

    On the right, the black cashmere wool drape and matching thread. On the left, the Orage wool drape and the matching thread.

    • The specificities of Maison Fauve woolen drape:
    • Composition: the Orage wool drape is composed of 98% wool, 2% polyamide and the Noir Profond wool fabric is made of 90% wool, 8% cashmere and 2% polyamide
    • Sewing thick fabric: we recommend Schmetz universal needles. To make sewing layers easier, here is my technical advice: reduce the tension of the presser foot and lengthen the sewing point on your sewing machine to make training easier.
    • The fabric should definitely not be machine washed. We recommend dry cleaning

    Lining choice

    You can play with our linings, contrasting the color for an offbeat look or opting for a sober color or pattern for a more chic effect.

    The Solaris and wood buttons 

    On the left the Solaris buttons and on the right the Wood buttons. Our Light Gold jewelry buttons also accessorise the coat very well.

    We hope you enjoy sewing this masterpiece and look forward to discovering your creations! Happy sewing!

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