The Cicadella Dress: the new tutorial!

A neckline that cuts nicely at the back, a cut slightly supported by princess cutouts, a cuff with an outer design... You will have recognised it, it is the Cicadella sewing pattern, the new blouse in the collection Fauvae Botanica, which now has a surprise in store for you.

The essential little blouse

When I worked on this pattern, I wanted it to meet several criteria:

  • Create a beautiful pattern, with a flattering and timeless cut, so that you can sew it many times in different fabrics without getting tired

  • Offer an accessible sewing pattern, with a limited number of pieces, reasonable fabric consumption, and an easy-to-follow assembly range

  • Offer an impeccable level of finish, without the need for an overlocker, thanks to French seams and bias binding which will border the seam allowances

The Cicadella blouse meets all these criteria: it will delight expert makers (a quick sew with pretty finishes is always welcome between more demanding projects) but also less experienced sewers, who will find in this project the possibility of sewing a high-end garment by learning new accessible sewing techniques.

A sewing pattern to vary as you wish

A simple cut does not mean simplistic, quite the contrary! The Cicadella blouse offers you many options:

Sew 3 different sleeve versions

The short sleeve is lovely, perfect whatever the season. The elbow sleeve, slightly flared, drapes nicely and leaves the front of the arms bare, without revealing the biceps. These two finishes are easy to sew even for beginners. The long sleeve with buttoned cuffs is the most technical, the gathered bottom of the sleeve and the pointed cuff design the look of Cicadella. So with the same pattern you can vary your creations but also put new techniques into practice and progress at your own pace.

Sew a blouse with a lining

As I explain in the podcast episode dedicated to the Fauvae Botanica collection, I designed this pattern with the idea of combining it with our new laces, and lining your blouse with the matching cotton voiles. This is why the pattern includes seam allowances adapted to French seams, and bias binding for perfect neckline and armhole finishes. Whatever your choice of fabric, the pattern is adapted to your creative ideas, and everything has been designed to ensure that your first lace-lined blouse is a success! The free video sewing tutorial available to you even shows you how to finish thermal interfaced cuffs using the interlining technique.

Sew a dress version

Ahhh you might say, here is a very simple hack that will allow me to play with Cicadella again! Let me guide you through this new version of the pattern...

How to sew the Cicadella dress

For this very easy adaptation of the pattern, I made the following transformations:

  • I added 1cm to the sides of the back and front side pattern pieces to have a comfortable fit on the hips
  • All pattern pieces are lengthened by 30 cm. I wanted a slightly straight, mini dress, for a very Swinging London look, worn with high boots and my long black officer-style Tigris coat. Of course, if you want a length beyond mid-thigh length you can lengthen your pieces even further.

In this new easy sewing tutorial, I cover all the steps: overview of the pattern, presentation of the pattern, how to lengthen the pieces, the French seam technique and of course all the detailed assembly steps. You'll also find information on fabric measurements and specific cutting plans in the tutorial article.

After the first video which details the assembly of the advanced level version of Cicadella (with long sleeves, buttoned cuffs, lined lace), for this new tutorial I wanted to present the most accessible version: unlined, sleeve version at the elbow, with a neat neckline (the pieces are already included in the pattern). Everything is there to learn how to sew your first A-line dress, as always with a perfect finish.

A Cicadella that looks like me

Blouse or dress, long or short sleeves, plain, printed, lace, nothing can resist the beautiful Cicadella!

A simple but daring little dress 

The flexibility of the fabric and the absence of a waist seam allows the design to be in full view, and stands out even more intensely in this new sand and black version of the Jardin Fauve print. The dress is not lined but the opacity of the fabric is not a concern. Warmed by my long coat, and nicely booted, here is a new dress quickly sewn for a wow effect that works every time.

For a flawless look

In a beautiful plain viscose twill, with long sleeves and a cuff embellished with buttons like jewels, Cicadella is discreet but does not lack charm.

A blouse that brings red to the cheeks

In a Jardin Fauve print on a Cherry red background, paired with the Brooklyn pants, the short-sleeved Cidella blouse is just adorable, and as easy to sew as it is to wear.

Vibrant lace

The simplicity of the cut will fully highlight a beautiful lace, even more so if its in color. You can then choose:

Tone down the glamor of your blouse by opting for faded jeans

Vanina is wearing the short-sleeved Cicadella blouse in Beetle Green lace and cotton voile and the Hussard trousers in size 50.

Play the sophistication card with a long, structured coat, beautiful beige pants and heels

Amanda is wearing the Cicadella blouse with lace elbow-length sleeves lined with Cherry Red cotton voile, the Tremplin trousers in Sable cotton satin and the Tigris coat in Orage wool - In size 36

Choose to play on a masculine/feminine look with a lace blouse and khaki cargo pants

Emilie is wearing the long-sleeved Cicadella blouse in Cinnamon lace and cotton voile with matching Wink Mat buttons, and the Tremplin trousers in Khaki cotton satin with matching Dot buttons. She wears the blouses and dress in size 36 and the Tremplin and Brooklyn trousers in size 34.

Cicadella is definitely a marvel of versatility, and I can't wait to discover your versions of this beautiful pattern. Will you let yourself be tempted by the dress version? I'm sure that in a lace dress, it would be wonderful ;)

Beautiful day!

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