Kika and Pilar, like popping candy!


After the madness of Madrid that blew through Maison Fauve with La Movida Fauvista I wanted pastel colors to complete my summer wardrobe. It's a very girly and refreshing set that I sewed for myself: a Kika Playsuit and a Pilar jacket in a duo of jacquards by Studio Walkie Talkie.

sewing pattern jacket woman

I really like this brand of fabrics. The prints are very original, the quality of the materials is crazy and the jacquards are woven in France (I put here the link to their website, it's not a commercial website but you'll discover their work and the collections of this pretty brand).

For my Kika playsuit, I chose to sew the Play Soft Gaufrette jacquard: I love its name, the color is between peach and apricot tones, very soft and really pretty on tanned skin (the fabric is available here at Cousette).

sewing pattern combination

It's a fabric I knew because I had sewn it in a pair of Bélem trousers this winter, in black and blue tones. 

pattern sewing pants woman

It's a fabric with a bit of a hold but the fit is soft enough and the weight works well for a light trouser or dress/jumpsuit. I think a blouse or top would look great too but keep in mind that it's a cotton jacquard so it's heavier than a poplin or crepe.

sewing pattern combishort

Kika being a pattern worked with cuts at the level of the bust, I confess that the large abstract patterns which do not require connections helped ;) And the material allows you to make the inlays and pleats without difficulty because the fabric does not slip at all. As I recommended in the pattern, I ironed the bust with Vilene G785.

Women's suit pattern
combishort pattern

To go with my jumpsuit , what better than a mermaid jacket? I chose the beautiful Mirage Boréal jacquard (available here at Rascol) to sew myself a new jacket Pilar. Pink as a sugarplum with its metallic threads, it is just perfect. The fabric is perfect for the pretty back of Pilar and the front pleats are not drowned in the pattern (which is what I was afraid of at first). 

pattern sewing jacket woman
women's sewing pattern

I admit that the association is super audacious and I will of course be able to wear each piece with other clothes of my wardrobe more "wisely" and everywhere. But the power of sewing has struck again, because you can afford all the audacity when you sew your wardrobe ;) And I'm sure I won't run into any woman with this crazy acidic outfit.

See you soon!

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