La Movida Fauvista: The Lookbook!

This summer, we want to push the tables back, have fun in everything we do, feel beautiful, full stop! Raw energy and a desire for warmth, welcome to THE MOVIDA FAUVISTA!

The heroines of In the Mood for Fauve have now  acclimatised to the southern sun, this time we are no longer in the contemplative drama: we have to move, we have to laugh!

I wanted raw, straightforward colours and feminine pieces for a heroine straight out of an Almodovar film. She assumes herself, she is whole. It is no longer a question of being subtle. The patterns in this new collection reveal who you are, they testify to an expected femininity. 

The Movida is a strong creative movement that emerged in Madrid, Spain, in the 1980s. It was about putting the dark and painful Franco period behind them for good and expressing themselves in the tradition of the Anglo-Saxon punk movements, with a taste for rebellion. Then this trend invaded pop culture. One artist whose work has made an impression on me is the photographer Ouka Leele. For me, her photos are the essence of this Movida: there is colour, surrealism, energy, it's very powerful. 

Pedro Almodovar will embody all this in his films: excess of feelings, saturated colours, strong characters, the heroines are women who laugh out loud, who speak with their hands, who love, cry and shout... Life!

It was out of love for Almodovar's films that I immersed myself in such a strong and raw theme, full of energy. I love his films, the women characters he writes and the evolution that takes place over the years. But what I find common to all this is the obvious sisterhood between "Pedro's women" and also the love he has for them. They are so powerful and at the same time so true in their feelings. There is both the burlesque and the intimate. I think if I had to choose just one film it would be Volver. I love everything about this film: what it says about Spain, its hyper-aestheticism, this story is a bit of a thriller... And the divine Penelope who is a real eye-catcher.

I think that you understand that at Maison Fauve this summer we want joy, exuberance, we want to be able to express ourselves in excess, so let's make room for colour, for hooped earrings that flutter in our ears, for colourful dresses to twirl in and for ravaging bustiers. A summer wardrobe that shines, that will get you noticed and yet will still be in fashion for a long time, because feeling beautiful and strong does not have to be a fashionable attitude ;)

I hope you enjoy La Movida Fauvista lookbook


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