La Movida Fauvista is online!

Discover the sewing pattern collection that's sure to raise the temperature of your summer!
Ready to sew yourself this season's hottest wardrobe? The new collection of sewing pattern and Maison Fauve fabrics is online!
Now that I've described the creative universe behind this collection, I'd like to take a closer look at the new sewing pattern and fabrics ;)

Let's start with the one that is clearly your favourite, the PILAR jacket

We absolutely wanted a denim jacket in our wardrobe, it's a timeless piece and depending on the choice of fabric will accompany you on all occasions.

This beautiful jacket combines everything that makes the style of Maison Fauve: the pleat work and the beautiful back. This box pleat is the signature of the pattern but it can also be sewn with a simple back under the yoke.

I didn't want an oversized jacket, but I didn't want something too short or cramped either. Pilar has the shoulders placed where they should be, a straight sleeve constructed in 2 parts and the waistband comes in at the level of the small hips for a comfortable wear, neither too long nor too short. Tested for wearing next to the skin or with a thin jumper, its perfect for the mid-season.

Let's make way for the most exciting feminine piece of the collection, the KIKA dress/playsuit

This pattern has the particularity of being built like a bustier at the top, with multiple cut-outs and bands edging the décolleté. This band work is inscribed on the bust and describes a notch to which another inlay responds with a fold on the shorts. This delicate but very "couture" inlay work was inspired by my visit to the Gabrielle Chanel exhibition. While the works of Chanel and her atelier are truly high-flying and reserved for very seasoned seamstresses, I thought about how to adapt this detail for our sewing pattern . In fact, we take great care to describe these steps in Kika's video tutorial.

As for the general look of the pattern, it's a return to full femininity that I wanted to celebrate: the neckline is magnificent (but not too deep, so you can wear a bra), the bust will follow your shape (but will remain comfortable thanks to its elastic back) and the length of the shorts and the skirt are easy to wear on a daily basis.

It's a real nugget, this Kika!

Because a quick and easy project is also pure pleasure, this season we offer you the MARISA top

Not too loose, with a perfect length to be tucked into shorts, a skirt or jeans, it is easy to wear. And even if we wanted it to be accessible to less experienced seamstresses, there was no question of not giving it a little pop! A simple and chic front opening, a box pleat in the back that can be embellished with decorative buttons in a corsage style, in short it is the sewing pattern that will allow you to empty your offcuts box in 2 hours. And each fabric will give it a very particular look.

If there is one piece that calls for sunshine, it is PAOLA

With a supported bust, a deep cut back, don't be fooled by the simplicity of its line... This pretty pattern is built with different panels whose proportions as well as those of the back neckline have been worked at length for an airy, dancing look that flatters the figure. The dress version is knee-length to give life to the most fluid fabrics and has 2 buttoned patch pockets to detail the front.

The Paola top is the shortened version of the pattern and its line is just perfect. It will look insanely elegant over a nice pair of trousers.

Now it's time for the most elegant of all, the sublime PENELOPE

During the CFS Paris show, many of you told us how much you love wearing the wrap dress. So I thought about how to give this iconic piece of women's wardrobe some details that change and make it very, very Fauve. First of all, we play on a trick of the eye by breaking the crossing between the bust and the skirt (the latter crosses in front when the bust is buttoned). Then I added pretty sleeves, with volume and length that does not weigh down the arm. And of course, pleats, on pleats, on pleats, ;) Let's go for beautiful shoulders embellished with pleats.

The result is a feminine dress, which can be sewn in a cotton poplin with a bit of hold as well as in a very fluid fabric and above all has a je ne sais quoi of Penelope Cruz's vamp look (Ahhh ahhh this explains it).

And as this pattern is designed to be a wardrobe in itself, you can also sew a simple (and very well cut ;)) wrap skirt and we describe in the brochure how to adapt Penelope's bust to make a very nice blouse.

A collection of 5 sewing pattern, a first for us, but it was impossible to choose between the elegant Penelope, the trendy Kika, the very summery Paola, the so cute and accessible Marisa and the beautiful Pilar full of character, we kept them all for a summer wardrobe consistent with our desires.

But that's not all, this new collection also comes with 3 fabrics Maison Fauve: 2 beautiful jacquards and a must-have denim fabric.

Have fun discovering the new collection and welcome to Movida by Maison Fauve! 

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