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The Movida Fauvista could not stop there: Welcome Luz!

The Movida Fauvista couldn't stop there!

A newcomer had to join the party: a dress made for dancing, with ruffles like will-o'-the-wisp, which undulate and make the figure vibrate... It's time for the beautiful LUZ to enter the scene!
I wanted a very joyful model, that you put on to please yourself, to feel beautiful, like a little party you would throw for yourself.
Follow me in the inspirations and the elaboration of the beautiful LUZ.

The inspiration for the show is the ruffles and the volume. But it remains an inspiration, I didn't want to go for something so spectacular and grandiose.
And I also liked the idea of colour blocks, strong colours, very Movida Fauvista, which stood out in every image I pinned.

Schiaparelli for madness and audacity, a very dramatic Penelope for this shoot with WMag, a soft and dreamy Zoé in the light of the sunset for Elle UK, it's a little bit of all this that inspired LUZ.
And that's what we were looking for for our shoot.

In addition to the frilly ruffles, I wanted this pattern to have a singularity, a small detail: a very graphic triangle yoke that comes to dress the sides.
The American armholes and the small openwork triangles will reveal just what you need to enjoy the caress of the sun.
A finish without ruffles, more refined is also possible, and the pattern then takes a clean look, graphic, very constructed.
And if you want to discover your legs in a comfortable and pretty outfit, the LUZ pattern is also available as a playsuit!

LUZ's ruffles will be enhanced by fabrics with a reverse side as beautiful as the front. So when Atelier Brunette released their new Fragments collection, I knew this pattern duo would be perfect. I dove into my very arty paintings, my inspirations that look at abstraction, and it went BOOM right away.

Shadow Night fabric, Fragments Atelier Brunette collection
Shadow Ochre fabric, Fragments collection Atelier Brunette

Louise's shop

The beautiful LUZ is available, in paper format only, as well as the video tutorial:)

Impatient as I am, I can't wait to tell you more about LUZ, and I'll leave you with these beautiful pictures made by Nancy Ponthus for Charlène Pélut.
See you soon!


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