The Iconic Trench Coat: The Tigris Coat Hack

Iconic, glamorous, classic, figure of style and timeless... What's more iconic than a beautiful trench coat? And what could be more disturbing than slipping a devilishly feminine outfit underneath, to be revealed when the time comes?!

Our Fauvae Botanica winter collection includes a very beautiful and chic coat sewing pattern, the Tigris Coat. I told myself that this pattern would be perfect to transform into. To offer you even more sewing options, we offer you the pattern pieces in PDF format to transform your Tigris coat into a magnificent trench coat, we are offering you the pattern pieces in PDF format to transform your Tigris coat into a magnificent trench coat. 

A look back at a wardrobe “classic”

The trench coat is originally an outerwear item for gentlemen, it became popular when officers wore it during the First World War. The Burberry and Aquascutum brands had in fact reworked their "overcoat" design, already very popular with gentlemen, to meet the needs of the military, and the image of the elegant officer contributed to the craze among civilians for the trench. Following the Second World War, its iconic status was reinforced when Hollywood integrated it into the wardrobe of stars like Humphfrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich making the trench coat also suitable for women.

What is the new Tigris like?

The trench coat is a garment that has “signature” elements: a storm shield in the back, a pretty turn-down collar, shoulder tabs and a belt. The Tigris coat, with its long line, its straight cut, its large, slightly low patch pockets, its shoulders embellished with tabs, its back vent and its particular fit it is well suited for this transformation.

To complete the hack, the free pattern extension includes the storm shield piece, the new collar and the belt with 2 loops. The storm shield is lined, the collar constructed with a collar stand and drop, and the belt is positioned in the hollow of the waist. I really like wearing my trench coat open, with the belt tied in the back, it gives a little nonchalant je ne sais quoi...

The iconic gabardine trench coat

It is of all imagination, it is timeless, it is essential! The beige gabardine trench coat is an iconic piece that crosses generations and trends.
The Tigris hack sewn in our Grège gabardine is very successful: the new collar of the free pattern extension will be as elegant when worn folded down as when pulled up close to the face, the flap has a beautiful hold, the tightening tabs on the shoulder are embellished with our matching Poppy Grège buttons, bringing a little softness to the coat.
For the lining, I chose our khaki cupro lining fabric, which goes very well with the gabardine and follows the codes of the trench coat.

 A night-shade trench coat

To go with this new hack, I chose a fabric from the “Fauve Winter” capsuleour sublime Italian 100% wool navy and black tartan. Very elegant, sufficiently flexible, it gives the Tigris trench coat the perfect look. To add a precious touch, I chose the gold jewellery like buttonsand I placed the Coeur Flamboyant pin from Christelle Dit Christensen on the lapel of the beautiful collar.

Sew the new Tigris coat

The PDF supplement that we offer you will accompany your Tigris sewing pattern, it is essential to have the coat pattern to sew this new version. And as with each new free sewing hack, a dedicated video awaits you on our site to detail the specific sewing steps for the trench version. We show you the preparation of the new pattern pieces and what will change in the assembly compared to the original pattern. The complete range of the Tigris trench assembly can be found in the full video tutorial for the Tigris coat.

And you, what are you going to hiding under your Tigris trench?

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