Two takes on Lace!

The white lace blouse is a very seductive piece. Choosing a beautiful lace fabric immediately gives an extra touch of soul to your garment: embroidery, cutouts, material effect, lace is an enhancer of elegance. By turns retro, wise and romantic, or more disruptive and rock, the immaculate lace blouse is more versatile than it seems.

To show you the new white lace from our Clair Obscur capsule, I sewed the pattern for the Soliflore blouse. I did not want to overload the silhouette with ruffles or other frills, and this sewing pattern combines a clean cut and pretty details: a remarkable high collar and the buttons add rhythm to the cut.

Soliflore dress/blouse sewing pattern - Lace, cotton voile and Ecru buttons Maison Fauve

I used our new Wink Mat Ecru buttons, which have a gold detail in the center. For the collar and cuffs, I used our Ecru cotton voile and I covered it using the interlining method that I describe to you in the step-by-step video for the Cicadella blouse (the video is available here).

To create the look around my lace blouse, I chose 2 very different silhouettes: the first a more everyday and the second more polished.

Blue jeans white shirt... But in lace!

For this first look, I'm wearing my blouse with faded Sézane jeans and little white jazz shoes (the Zizi from Repetto). The very light and slightly faded blue of the trousers goes nicely with the white of my blouse and I wear it with the raw cut hem that frays (that's my grunge side ;)). Zizi are thin and supple leather shoes. Androgynous, they bring lightness and modernity to the outfit and break the "blue flower" of the look.

Black and White, very “big night”

For this second outfit, I opted for a more studied look: white lace blouse over black trousers. Here, it's the cut of the trousers that brings the energy to the look: the Brooklyn palazzo trouser with their shaped hips, their pleats and their wide, long legs assert this sophisticated masculine/feminine look. The drape and rigor of the trousers are counterbalanced by the airy side of the lace.

Brooklyn trousers sewing pattern - Heavy viscose twill Onyx Maison Fauve


Why limit yourself to sewing a blouse when your entire wardrobe can be made from pretty lace! Trousers, skirts, shorts, shirts, dresses, and even bucket hats, all boldness is permitted. The idea always remains the same: do not confine lace to little frilly tops. The possibility of wearing our fabric with or without lining depending on your clothing choices opens up the possibilities.

A straight shirt with Skyline

Skyline shirt sewing pattern

A pretty top that’s easy to sew with Marisa

Marisa top sewing pattern

The bold way in a Vipère wetsuit

Vipère dress/jumpsuit sewing pattern

A twirling dress in Mia

Mia dress/blouse sewing pattern

There is no limit to your desires, especially since it is not such a difficult fabric to sew: our lace does not slip, it does not deform when cutting or assembling, you can easily iron it at medium temperature, it does not fray when sewing and you can choose your finishes by overlocking the seam allowances, by placing a bias cut in our white cotton voile or by making French seams (by adapting the seam allowances of your pattern). Will you succumb to the beauty of lace?

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