The wildest of palettes, discover our block colour twill fabrics!

Watch your eyes, the bolds are out!

I have always been keen to offer you full, bold colors. You may not know it, but I did not name my brand Maison Fauve to pay homage to the majestic felines, but in reference to an artistic movement born at the beginning of the 20th century: Fauvism. This pictorial movement is characterised by a simplification of forms in favor of color. Terribly modern and controversial, Fauvist artists used pure colors in a radical, contrasting way that was out of step with reality.

La fenêtre ouverte à Collioure, Henri Matisse (1905) / Femme au chapeau, Henri Matisse (1905)

The Maison Fauve palette

It therefore stood to reason that the fabric collections I was going to create for Maison Fauve would reflect this. I really like colour, patterns, and I find color blocks are a superb playground for creating silhouettes. It’s not necessarily about transforming into a bird of paradise (although I can sometimes be a fan of explosive mix and matches!), but simply about waking up an outfit with a burst of color.

Green is a lucky charm

We have 2 tones of green in our collection: the very summery Very Vert, infused with a hint of yellow, and the Vert Scarabée, muted and magnificent in depth.

 Very Vert

The perfect patterns

SoHo Dress, Salto Top, Brooklyn Trousers

Vert Scarabée

The perfect patterns

Primrose Dress, Soliflore Dress (collarless version), Cicadella Blouse

Blushing pink

What's brighter than neon pink?! It's like a burst of color that will brighten up the look, and which will go as well with white during the day as with black in the evening.

Rose Shocking

The perfect patterns

Combi Luz (jumpsuit version thanks to the free extension), Haut Vol Dress, Grand Bain Shorts

A taste of Lemon Yellow

It radiates like the sun and enriches your sewing projects, our beautiful Jaune Fizz has no equal for summer.

Jaune Fizz

The perfect patterns

Luz Playsuit, Haut Vol DressSalto Top

Purple Rain

Purple is a radical color to say the least. I let it pass by for a long time, before finding the tone that appealed to me, with a little hint of red to make it warm.

Ultra Violet

The perfect patterns

SoHo dress (summer version thanks to the free extension)Chelsea blouse, Transat Dress

An ocean-colored dress

Moods can be as changeable as the sky and the sea, so I chose 2 tones of blue to follow my desires: a Lagoon Blue like the southern seas, and a Cobalt Blue, pure and distinct, like a wink to the works of Yves Klein.

Bleu Lagon

The perfect patterns

Transat DressHaut Vol Dress

Bleu Cobalt

The perfect patterns

Byzance Top, Haut Vol Dress, SoHo Dress

Let's talk fabric

To apply this bold palette on fabric, I chose viscose twill: it has magnificent movement, drapes nicely, irons very well (which is ideal for the patterns that I like to create, based on pleats, darts and other fantasies hihihi), and I selected a fabric with a sufficient weight (200g/m2) in order to have a nice opacity and able to be sewn up as blouses, tops as well as dresses, shorts and trousers.

Plain colour fabrics allow you to bring out the design details of a sewing pattern and to better “read” a garment. They can be the star of your outfit, but also go well with prints, highlighting an element of the pattern. And to accompany your main sewing creations, we have developed a range of buttons that perfectly match with our fabrics.

Maison Fauve's spring/summer collection will arrive very soon, with new colors that will enrich this palette. And, as I am a person full of contradictions, it is possible that pastels will appear... Alongside a new strong and bold color of course ;)

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