Flower for Spring for Dahlia ...and its video tutorial!


you always go back to your first love, and I'm no exception... not a year goes by without me sewing... a new Dahlia! In viscose, English embroidery, plain, leopard, sleeveless...I already have a nice collection. And this video tutorials was a chance to sew up my pretty pattern again. The features of this model are that it looks like a blouse, but with the codes of a shirt (length to fit in the pants, flat pleat in the back, slightly curved fall) and its famous collar ;)

Spring blouse

And it's a very springtime Dahlia blouse that I wanted to sew myself (well yes, I don't have any like this one). I chose this beautiful cotton satin from "Under the fig tree" This is a fabric house that offers delightful floral prints of great delicacy. This mix of small blue flowers mixed with fine stripes matches the pattern and brings out perfectly its construction details: the collar and the pleat are really highlighted. I put the fabric HERE but you'll see all of them are so beautiful you don't know which one to choose (and I didn't choose...I bought 3 hihihi cuts so you'll see those pretty prints here). With jeans, a nice belt (my Sezane crunch from a few months ago and that I never leave...HHIIIIIIHHHHAAA Calamity Jane comes out of this body), Dahlia is the right classic-chic-but not boring touch of my outfit.

The collar assembly is the only really delicate step of the pattern but you'll see with the video everything will go well! So follow me, let me guide you...let's go for the video from Dahlia!

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