How to make the Skyline blouse?

There is the timeless white shirt... And there is THE shirt!

The Skyline pattern combines everything I was looking for in a shirt pattern: a line that is neither too loose nor too tight for a more modern look without the risk of getting bored and a real sewing project with beautiful pleated finishes on the collar, the bust and the cuffs that play with the cut and the verticality.

And because there is nothing better than knowing that you can adapt your pattern, we offer 2 versions of the collar (French and Claudine) and different back finishes (love a back detail forever): a full back or with a yoke that reveals the top of the back with a cutout or just with a beautiful set of pleats.

Tucked into trousers, tied, worn over jeans, opened over a tank top, slipped under a jacket, I promise you won't be able to do without it!

For this tutorial I sewed the Skyline shirt with the ultra purple Lemon viscose fabric and the white glitter buttons. The large pattern works really well with the pleats making Skyline the perfect basic but not-to-basic shirt for your wardrobe!

Happy sewing!

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