How to sew knitwear when you don't have an overlocker?

In the last collection, I offered you a knitted piece: the beautiful Ludmilla dress, which can also be made as a top. This is the second pattern designed for knit fabrics in the Maison Fauve wardrobe, the first being the Granite sweatshirt, which I showed you recently in a video tutorial.

This is a great opportunity for me to talk to you about sewing knitted fabrics with a sewing machine.

Not everyone has an overlocker, and that can be a hindrance when sewing pieces in jersey or any other type of knit.

This mini video will detail how to sew your knitted fabrics with a sewing machine. I will also show you how to make a double needle hem (and also how to install it by the way) ;) 

Happy sewing!

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