How to place a bound neckline

To properly finish the necklines of your clothes, the sewing patterns offer you different types of finishes, and in particular the installation of a facing, or the installation of a bias.

It is this second method that I will explain to you in this mini tutorial. 

Maison Fauve patterns with this type of finish are supplied with a pattern piece to cut the bias in the same fabric as your garment. And please...don’t forget to cut your binding on the bias of the fabric (ie at 45° to the grain). This is an absolute must for your bias tape to sit well and not twist.

The installation method will of course be the same if you decide to use a store bought bias, however be careful, on light fabrics you need a bias that has the same properties (i.e. not to use a heavy cotton bias if you are sewing with a light viscose).

Follow me in this step-by-step, for a neckline with impeccable finishes!

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