How to sew the Tribeca blouse?

At Maison Fauve, we like to make you happy! So we have a brand new free sewing pattern for you to start the year with ;)

The Tribeca blouse is identified by its decorative bias and yokes which allow all kinds of sewing madness. In this video, we will discuss each step of the assembly, including the technical points such as the assembly of the bias inlay, the placement of the bias neckline, and the buttoned cuff finish with tear-resistant cuff opening. The level of sewing for this garment is intermediate, but it will vary depending on your choice of fabric. A nice cotton or viscose poplin will be easier to sew than a silk or crepe, so adapt your fabric choices to your sewing level. For ease of use, we have included a simple cuff finish in the brochure. If you are not an experienced sewer, don't hesitate to practice on scraps of fabric to place the strips with rounded edges in the opposite direction to the pieces they are to be sewn to (don't panic, we explain this in the video, and there are notches on your pieces).

The pattern is offered in PDF format A4, A0, A3, US letter and video projection, the video tutorial is free, so no more excuses for not getting started hihihi!

Happy sewing!

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