Niki the pretty folds, the video tuto!

Hello! there are patterns that you are particularly fond of, I feel that the pattern speaks to you. The beautiful Niki is one of them :) This pattern is part of the SEW ME ARTY collection, and I thought it would be a mainstay of the autumn/winter wardrobe: the possibility to sew a blouse, a trapeze dress and a skater dress, in fabrics as diverse as viscose or jacquard... I really wanted Niki to be a real party! The different versions of the pattern all have THE twisting detail in common: the origami-like folding of the sleeve. In itself, the sewing of the pattern does not present any major difficulty: no zipper or buttoning, a line supported by darts and a belt for the skater version. It's this pretty sleeve that is the special step, and I want to detail this step perfectly so that your Niki will be a wonder! The video tutorial is a perfect format to show the folding movement! While Niki is a pattern from the past collection, the blouse or dress version sewn in a light fabric makes it a perfect companion for spring/summer if the weather is a little cooler. It has a scoop neckline and is unlined. The pattern is only available in a pretty pouch HERE. I chose to sew the blouse, and in a fabric with very delicate embroidery details from Meet Milk offered by Meter Meter haberdashery. Its flamboyant colour caught my eye, and I'm always a big fan of this kind of fabric, which I call faux plains: the Dobby fabric from Atelier Brunette and its feather duster, or the cotton viscose and its delicate gold diamonds from Eglantine et Zoé are for me part of this category. This fabric is very pleasant to wear and to sew, it is very soft! 

For the NIKI blouse video tutorial, follow the guide!

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