Sewing pattern tutorial: the Spritz Tank Top Duo

Why limit yourself to an easy pattern when you can play and combine your creations?! The Spritz tank top pattern allows you to create 2 tank tops:

  • A classic tank top, timeless and easy to sew and wear every day

  • A second tank top with a deeper cut on the armholes and the neckline at the front and back, embellished with a Tunisian tab, which can be worn layered or solo according to your desires

Spritz tank tops have perfect finishes, thanks to the bias bindings which ensure a clean definition of the armholes, the neckline, and the construction with French seams (the seam allowances are included and provided for this level of finish in your pattern).

The proportions of the 2 tank tops have been perfectly designed to work alone or as a duo, with chest darts for each garment which ensures a nice fit. The choice of fabric will affect the look of your main sewn creation: lace, voile, twill, poplin, silk, the only limit is to use ONLY warp and weft fabrics.

In this free video tutorial, we will see different sewing techniques to:

  • Place a folded bias

  • Sew French seams

  • Sew a chest dart

  • Sew a Tunisian/polo tab

Happy sewing!

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