Swallow...shirt or dress why choose?!

Hi! Glad to be back at work for Maison Fauve and with my head in the sand to finalise the new collection. There's going to be some good stuff, with one piece making its debut in the Maison Fauve wardrobe...a coat!!! And Embrun will soon be joined by a new pair of trousers, which will be a perfect companion to the Criollo jacket for working girls 2.0. But shhhhh I'll stop here, I promise as soon as the collection will be finished and shot I'll reveal more info ;) So just a little more time to wait for my summer wardrobe: to add to the collection of sewing patterns, I like the chic and versatile sister of the Swallow shirt ;) But I wanted a new dress...so I lengthened the pattern of my shirt by 30 cm, and tadammm here is a shirt dress. I kept the rounded bottom of the shirt, because I imagined myself in an open dress version over a bathing suit, neither completely undressed nor completely dressed up. Well, I admit I didn't wear it at the beach, but with nice sandals and a belt (it's far from the cliché of the Italian girl on the Riviera that I had in mind ;) ).sewing pattern shirt swallow maison fauveThe Swallow shirt pattern revisits this classic of the women's wardrobe, with a looser cut. The shoulder line is low, the back is nicely gathered, and the detail that makes the difference is this little collar (which nods to the men's shirt Sparrow). I sewed here the 3/4 sleeve version with a sleeve strap (lazy day!). And it's a marvel from Eglantine and Zoé (link to the fabric here), a perfect fabric for a blouse. It's a fine cotton/viscose, striped with blue and lurex (yay for shiny!), very light.  I show it to you closed collar, and open collar (but eyes closed :) ). For the collar to hold well, put a thick iron-on, the result is perfect. I took a small thin belt, but with a scarf or a real belt I think it will also be fantastic. I wear it with my pretty earrings from Jewelry Feelings and my new hobby (as a good little sheep) a maxi pearl barrette (I have several...madness!). The session is from my shooting at the Marché du Lez, in front of a Supakitch mural. Beautiful day to all!

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