Schmetz Assortment of 10 Universal Sewing Machine Needles

£4.50 GBP

Lot of 10 sewing machine needles 130/705 H-M

The Schmetz universal needle has a slightly rounded tip for trouble-free sewing on a number of different fabrics.

It is ideal for all Maison Fauve jacquard fabrics as well as for use on all brands of domestic sewing machines.


- 2 needles 70/10 for light fabric such as cotton poplin, ideal for sewing blouses and dresses
- 3 needles 80/12 and 3 needles 90/14 for medium fabric such as gabardine and jacquard. Ideal for sewing jackets and trousers
- 2 needles 100/16 for sewing thick woolen fabrics, ideal for sewing coats


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