Are you ready for a Diabolo Fauve Runway?!!

Do you love lamé fabrics but don't really know how to wear them on an everyday basis? Pastel makes you melt but you hesitate to combine it with prints? Follow me in this fitting session and discover in more detail the patterns sewn with the new fabrics from the Diabolo Fauve capsule!

In this series of videos, I present to you look ideas based on our new products.

See the Instagram runway!

New looks that are easy to wear

The artistic direction of the Diabolo Fauve capsule shoot immerses you in a deliciously retro universe: our Fauve Romance stopped off at a dinner, disco ball atmosphere, milkshake and bubble gum. I deliberately emphasised the theme, because I wanted happy and colorful photos, like our new fabrics.

Solaris Pastel viscose poplin - Pastel jacquard

The idea of the fashion show is to separate the pieces in the collection, in order to offer you alternative looks, outfits that are easier to consider on a daily basis:

Find all the looks on our Instagram stories.

Let's talk, let's talk about the Malibu box!

The Malibu Polo Box, available in Romance Pink, Mint, Ink Blue and Yellow Fizz

Malibu is the new sewing box from the Diabolo Fauve capsule. Striped projects always have a little holiday feel. Deckchair, candy cane, marinière or Italian ice cream, we all have our own little striped childhood memory! And when they are adorned with acidic colors, stripes become irresistible.

I offer you 2 look ideas with the Malibu polo sewing pattern:

  • A slightly sporty outfit, to make everyone believe that at any moment we are likely to drop our cocktail to hit the ball

  • A very chic outfit, combining the Malibu Yellow Fizz polo top, the black Brooklyn trousers in virgin wool and beautiful accessories

The same top, very different looks, there are so many opportunities to wear your hand-sewn creations!

And to learn more about Diabolo Fauve...

These “try on” videos will allow you to learn more about our new products. But it was not a question of giving you a presentation of the entire Maison Fauve catalog.

I have planned a new sewing podcast episode to go back in more detail on the Diabolo Fauve capsule: the inspirations, the fabrics, the color.  You will discover in that video a more formal presentation of the new fabrics and suggestions for patterns to sew your future Maison Fauve creations without any risk of making mistakes!

See you soon!

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