Our selection of Maison Fauve dresses to sew for sunny days!


A little wardrobe tour that will make you want to take a stroll along the hot beach feeling the sand between your toes, anyone? 

Find me on Instagram for a video review of the summer dresses available at Maison Fauve! While waiting for our new collection to go live (and a breathtaking new dress, read to the end and maybe you'll get a little surprise ;)), I suggest we revisit our prize patterns in time for the summer. I show you the dresses being worn and I answer your questions about the particularities of each of the different sewing patterns. Here are the dress patterns that are featured in the videos.

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Dresses which highlight the back neckline

The Bonnie dress: this pattern, which dates back several collections, deserves our attention. BONNIE is a cape dress, which under its sophisticated looks is very easy to make. The pattern is only available in PDF.

The Leaf dress: this pretty dress has been one of our top patterns for Maison Fauve for several years. It’s secret weapon: a really elegant cross over back detail.

The Paola dress: THE summer dress, it makes you want to twirl in joy and has the most ravishing back.

The Mia dress and its summer hack: the beautiful Mia is a pattern that offers you several options, including this free adaptation version to download from the site to sew a summer Mia (and her sublime back neckline).

In love with pleats? These are for you!

The Atlas dress: with its extremely chic pleated bib and detailed sleeve cuffs. The Atlas dress has a short sleeve option to take full advantage of the sun's rays.

The Byzance dress: its V neckline in the front and back is highlighted by delicate pleats, and its skater skirt will be perfect for twirling around.

The Zénith dress: the sun has come to kiss the front of this signature dress from the Maison Fauve collection. It offers different sleeve lengths, and a really lovely blouse version.

The Tribeca dress: the latest from the Maison Fauve collections will delight you with its mischievous babydoll cut and its bias that emphasises the cutouts of the top.

Dresses for dancing

The Kika dress: a strapless dress to raise the temperature! This pretty pattern comes with a tutorial document to guide you on adjusting the bustier top.

The Luz dress: with or without ruffles, you will see that the variations of the beautiful Luz allows you to sew versions with so much character. It can be made into a playsuit, or jumpsuit thanks to our free downloadable hack, with or without ruffles, it'll be a party in your dressing room getting ready!

The Pénélope dress: a revisited wrap dress, with an offset crossover for a trompe l'oeil skirt and blouse. It's the perfect piece for a cocktail on summer evenings ;)

The Niki dress: beneath her wise exterior, the beautiful Niki is a wonder of a little dress, very ethereal in its skater version and with its dancer neckline. Its secret: a sleeve with a truly unique pleated detail.

I hope you enjoy discovering the selection, and I'll see you very soon, for a new collection... That’s really, very Femme Fauve!


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