Welcome to our special Christmas sewing gift guide, where the love of sewing meets the magic of the holidays! 🎁✨ Whether you are a passionate hobbyist or looking for the perfect gift for a sewer in your life, we have selected treasures that will make the hearts of needle enthusiasts beat faster.

Christmas Holiday Collection

For the end of year celebrations, we have put together some lovely surprises for you! A new sewing box with an exclusive pattern, a selection of fabrics, each one more beautiful than the last, and new items for buttons and haberdashery... Christmas will be all about sewing with Maison Fauve.

Online collection Thursday November 23 at 9 a.m.

Dazzling Couture Box 

Offer the complete Maison Fauve experience with our ready-to-use sewing box kit. We’ll see you on Thursday November 23 for the release of our Christmas sewing box: an elegant pattern in exclusive packaging, a luxurious Deep Black or Cherry Red jacquard and all the haberdashery necessary to create a unique festive dress!

Carefully Selected Fabric 🎀🧵

Offer the opportunity to choose their favorite fabric for the next project with a Maison Fauve gift card. If you prefer to leave it under the tree but you don't know how to choose the fabric that they would like, here are our tips:

Which material to choose?

Jacquards, lace, woolens, viscose... plain or patterned, look carefully at the colors, materials, patterns that the person is used to wearing and take it from there:

At Maison Fauve, fabrics and dyes meet OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 standards. More information on the product sheets.

How much fabric to choose?

In this part, we help you estimate the amount of fabric needed to make different types of clothing. These are indications, some patterns may require more or less fabric.

Paper Patterns for your Collection 📐✏️

A true precious object, the paper pattern can be kept for a lifetime. When not in use, it transforms into a stylish decorative piece on a shelf or in a bookcase. This precious pattern offers sewers the freedom to create and reinvent the pattern endlessly, exploring various fabrics and haberdashery to nourish their creativity. Each season, the covers reveal a new theme, weaving an exciting story that evolves over time. See all the paper patterns

The pattern includes the plan of the garment in the available sizes and all the explanations necessary for its creation (Please note that it does not include the fabric and haberdashery). Video tutorials are available for free on YouTube to accompany each pattern.

How to choose the right pattern?

Offer a pattern that matches their style and the clothes they usually wear.

For small budgets

Some gift ideas to put together in a pretty box to slip under the tree:

Button Box 🌈🧵

A treasure box filled with jewelry buttons to add the finishing touch to their creations. Discover our assortment of sparkling or natural mother-of-pearl buttons in our seasonal colors. See the full range of buttons

Colorful Thread Set 🎨🧵

Offer a sumptuous color palette of sewing threads to complete their collection. See all our colors

Sewing Accessories Box 🎁🧷

Needles, pins, gold or silver piping and everything they need to perfect each creation.

High-end Sewing Tools 🧰🌈

A pair of Japanese steel sewing scissors for cutting with style and precision or a high quality magnetic pin holder bracelet.

Black Edition tailor scissors from Rascol
Magnetic pin holder bracelet from Bohin

Sewing Gift Card 💳👚

Only a few days left before Christmas and no time to place an order to be delivered on time? Here is the Maison Fauve gift card!

This voucher for a little sewing pleasure is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and can be used in several parts until the final amount is finished. You can download it, print it and write the amount of the card by hand (as well as a few extra sweet words)

We hope that these suggestions inspire you to find the perfect sewing gift that will make your loved ones' eyes shine this holiday season! 🌟🎄

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